Bimini 2002 Pictures

Bimini was our first landfall in the Bahamas and our first foreign port of entry.  Some of the photos below show the beautiful color of the water and the landscape.  It doesn't really show how tricky the entrance is though.  You proceed way south of Alicetown and then cut through this narrow cut in the sandbar then turn north and parallel the same sandbar and the shoreline.

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Blue Water!

Yes that's the bottom in 60ft of water.

Approaching Bimini

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You can see the range markers on the shore that ID the cut.

Turning North after the cut

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Shoreline of South Bimini inside sandbar

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The freight boat aground on the way in to Bimini

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First fish of the Spear-fishing season.

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Seaplane going down the ramp

Taking off from Bimini

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A freeloading flying fish found on deck
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