This is the Home page for the Dube's as they adventure upon the S/V Rantum Scoot.

#1 most frequently asked question:

What does Rantum Scoot mean? 

It's a 19th century Nantucket whaling term. "A Nantucketer didn't just go for a walk on a Sunday afternoon, he went on a "rantum scoot," which meant an excursion with no definite destination." It's used in the foreword of In the Heart of the Sea. A book about the whale ship Essex the inspiration for Melville's Moby Dick.

What's in our Web:

The Ship's Log is a narrative of the trip we will try to keep it up to date but BEAR with us! It contains descriptions, dates, times and some pictures and more links that help to explain our travels and the places we are visiting.

Kids pages where each of the kids will update you (hopefully) on what they're doing and what fun their having. Look for their pages on the Crew Link button to the left.

Photo Gallery pages where we will post pictures of the sites!  Some might also appear in the Ship's log.

The boat link will tell you more about the Rantum Scoot including her manufacturer, equipment, communication and safety gear.