The royalty

Yo, this a story about two people who like each other a lot but there’s only one problem one is a poor boy and the other is a princess. The boy Charlie, is twenty and the girl Mariah is eighteen .Oh yeah there’s one more detail I forgot to add, Mariah’s father the king of Bolivia, absolutely forbid her to talk to anyone of them so as you can see this complicates things a bit so at night she has- well I’m just going to tell the story before I give it all away well hear you go the story! 

      Once in a land far far away there lived a princess named Mariah. She loved to play in the pasture near the palace in her long beautiful whitish silver dress and beautiful silver, gold and diamond tiara oh and don’t forget the long white gloves that go up to her elbows! And then there is Charlie (who lives in the pasture and is a poor peasant) who wears rags all day and carry’s water back and forth from the pond To his mother’s kitchen witch includes: a place for washing wood plates and a place to eat and bucket spots. One day Mariah was watching Charlie carry his buckets back and forth from the pond when she finally asked herself” I wonder what he’s like” and then she realized her father would have a fit if he found out she talked to a peasant she would have to sneak out at night and go to his village but there’s just one problem the cook! He always prepares chicken and pork and beef to be vacuum-packed and frozen at night.” Oh I got it I’ll climb out the window I have one million clean sheets here in my room and I can tie them together they should go down one hundred feet don’t you think Louie” (oh  yeah I forgot to tell you that Mariah has a cat named Louie but she calls him king Louie instead) “anyway we better go down to lunch you get Mr. Goula’s special seasoned barracuda today and I wish I could have a sloppy Joe sandwich like mother used to make before dad became king and I became princess maybe I might ask Mr. Goula if he could make me one” said the princess” And after lunch we will take a ride to the shops in our own horse drawn carriage and we can go to the mall dad said and he gave 400 LANs to spend witch means we can go to that expensive pet store that you like and I heard that boy works there maybe I can talk to him and tell him I’m going to come to his house tonight and play with him and his brothers and sisters. I’ll have to bring autograph paper and a pen to sign autographs” thought the princess so they went down stairs to talk to the chef and to have lunch. “Mr. Goula will you make me a sloppy Joe sandwich please ?””of course princess “said Mr.Goula, Mr.Goula is really nice maybe just because he knows he would get in trouble if he didn’t make what ever I want. Mean while after lunch… Bye dad I’m going off to town and don’t worry all the shops are not open to the public today so only the employees will be there! Clip clop clip clop “finally were here! Thank you misure! Bye! Come on Louie were going shopping. Lets go here first” said the princess as she read a sign that said MALIFACENT’S M

AGNIFACENT DRESSES.” Or should we go to this place first” the princess asked her cat as she read DOLLYS DAZZALING ACCESSORIES “lets go to MALIFACENTS MAGNIFACENT DRESSES ok Louie ?””meow “ replyed the cat