Frequently Asked Questions


What does Rantum Scoot mean? 

It's a 19th century Nantucket whaling term. "A Nantucketer didn't just go for a walk on a Sunday afternoon, he went on a "rantum scoot," which meant an excursion with no definite destination." It's used in the foreword of In the Heart of the Sea. A book about the whale ship Essex the inspiration for Melville's Moby Dick.

What about School?

We are home schooling the kids and the adults.  It's a learning experience for all.  We have an eclectic curriculum from several sources.  The basis is curriculum from Oak Meadow this is augmented by various workbooks from other sources. Of course the trip itself is a learning experience and the places we visit add immensely to all of our educations.

How do you do wash clothes?

We try to use washing machines on shore, either at the marina or a nearby Laundromat.  If that fails we have a Wonder Clean pressure washer.  Melissa bought this from Lehmans a store which caters to folks who don't use electricity or don't want technology to solve every problem.  Check out their non-electric catalog.