Staniel Cay Album

Staniel cay is an interesting place!  It is a very small community but has most everything you'll need.  Small groceries, fuel and a general store.  We had to go there right away to get parts for the genset shipped in via Watermakers Inc.  They also own the Staniel cay yacht club  where we spent a fair amount of time.  Staniel cay was also the site of the filming for part of Thunderball 007 filmed in 1964 but still very much a part of the islands current claim to fame.  The location was the Thunderball grotto which is pictured below from inside.  It's a really fun snorkel we brought bread and fed it to the fish they go absolutely crazy.


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The pictures below were taken in the Thunder Ball Grotto

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Sergeant Major

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Spotted Hind

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