Washington D.C. pictures taken in October 2002.

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Olivia. [our grandparents cat] 
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The front of the National Cathedral.
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Us at the National Cathedral.
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The White House.
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A statue  of Thomas Jefferson's head.
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Peter at the Jefferson memorial.
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Kathy, Shannon and John.  Also cruising the east coast.
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A flag from the World trade center. On display as part of the 9-11 exibit.
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Before dinner.  We got a mess of crab, crawfish, shrimp and tuna!
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After dinner

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Us at the US History  museum.
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A navy boat used by the cadets at the Naval Academy.
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The side of the national Cathedral.
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Digging Em's  jack knife out of the trash outside of the Bureau of Printing and Engraving SUCCESS got the knife!!! Washington Monument
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The Prez 3 helicopters came in together and then one continued to the Whitehouse lawn. Fish market next tot he Capital yacht club.
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Shrimp, crab, fish! We bout several pounds of tuna for the freezer! Will became the expert tuna chef! every fish you could want Our new friend Marcel from the Netherlands.  He is single-handing to St. Martin
Sights after DC
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